Reasons to Keep Your Workspace Clean

Cleanliness is key, especially in the workplace. Aside from boosting the productivity in your space environmentally, it’s one of the best ways to prevent germs from spreading, which is extremely important during the winter flu rush. However, there’s a wide-array of reasons to keep it clean, and here we’ve compiled a list of the top six.

  1. Keeping sickness at bay – As mentioned before, consistently keeping your office clean is the easiest and most effective way to prevent the transmission of germs in the workplace. Every year, sick days cost businesses over $225 billion, and also create a 54% drop in productivity. In other words, fewer sick days means a higher productivity rate for employees and financial savings for the company. Conn Clean offers a variety of services that efficiently freshen up your space, including disinfecting and sanitizing services and deep cleans for carpets and alternate flooring surfaces.
  2. Clean spaces mean higher productivity rates – Imagine being forced to work in a cluttered, grimy office space each day, where stains are visible on the carpeting and you’re certain you can see the germs on your desk. It’s been proven that crummy and contaminated spaces deplete productivity, ultimately resulting in lowered work performances. Manage a consistent cleaning routine to keep production levels high and maintain a happier working space.
  3. Protect your stuff! – If you allow dirt and grime to saturate your carpets and hardwood floors without properly cleaning up the mess, you’ll eventually be left with stained and damaged floors, which ultimately can cost a fortune to repair and replace. Conn Clean provides effective industrial vacuuming and floor cleaning services, which are guaranteed to keep your floors looking like new.
  4. Protect your employees! – Your office’s floors aren’t the only thing you need to protect. If your company’s floors never receive a good cleaning, slips and trips are all a part of the territory. Be sure to clean spills as soon as they happen, and regularly deep clean your floors to prevent greasy and potentially dangerous build ups.
  5. Save time – Imagine trying to find an important file buried in a pile of garbage on your desk. A simple task that could take seconds can end up taking hours, even days. But, by not allowing trash to accumulate and by keeping everything organized and tidy, your time management will become much more efficient.
  6. It’s all about image – Your employees aren’t the only ones who will be coming into your office. Potential clients and customers constantly come in and out, and a sloppy and unkempt office acts as a visual representation of your professionalism, and can make a bad first impression. Consider Conn Clean’s recurring janitorial services. With consistent carpet cleanings and sanitation assistance, your office will always be set to impress whoever walks in.

By following this list and taking full advantage of all the services Conn Clean has to offer, your workspace will be ready to reach full potential in productivity and professionalism. Call us today for a quote and to learn more about what services will best suit your business!

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