Shopping has become a different experience than it once was. Consumers can now shop online for virtually anything they want from the comfort of their own home, delivered right to their door, as a result, shoppers expect disinfected surfaces, sanitized floors ,sparkling windows & a safe, clean, inviting environment when they’re out shopping.

With the breakout of Covid-19, it is more critical now than ever to enhance the in-store customer shopping experience through excellent customer service and safety protocols. ConnClean is here to help you create a safe and healthy shopping environment for all your customers and employees,  from seasonal shifts, busy hours, holiday events, black Friday deals and weekend traffic, our services are tailored for each location-specific requirements.

As the retail shopping experience evolves each year, so do our methods and procedures as we constantly monitor the CDC, OSHA and EPA guidelines to ensure your facility is adhering to best-practice recommendations on sanitation and environmental procedures .



Office Building

COVID-19 has reshaped how the public views the facilities where they live, work and play. More than ever before, the sanitation of a building’s


We work in offices with discretion and thoroughness taking into account your schedules and work pace.

Medical Facilities

Professional hygienic and sanitary cleaning services can help manage your infection control plan. If your medical cleaning company goes everywhere with dirty water, the risk

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