Connclean is an innovative and professional residential and commercial cleaning system. Our reason for existing is to provide our customers with superior service at a fair and affordable price. Have a good time. We take care of the rest!

On our Services page, you can find details on the types of cleaning at ConnClean. We provide regular maintenance cleaning services, occasional cleaning services and specific cleaning services.

The first ones are characterized by being periodic services, in which our teams travel to the client on a weekly or fortnightly basis, maintaining a constant standard of cleanliness in their residence.

The other types of cleaning are more casual and constitute cleaning that can affect the entire dwelling or the provision of specific cleaning services, such as cleaning blinds, cabinets inside, cleaning after work or treatment of floors.

Nothing! The ConnClean team will take with you all the equipment, products and accessories necessary to perform the service. However, if you have a product of your preference and want us to use it, simply ask one of our assistants to apply it.

It is not necessary. In fact, most of our customers prefer cleaning to be carried out while they are in their professional activities.

Normally, our customers provide us with a key, which we encrypt and keep in a safe in a safe place. The key is handed over to the staff on the day of cleaning and returned to our offices at the end of the day. The customer will always choose.

ConnClean reserves a fixed day and time indefinitely for you to have no surprises. You can always cancel or cancel any appointment, informing us 2 days in advance at no cost to you . We may simply cancel this cleaning or reschedule on another day or time of your choice.

ConnClean values ​​the quality and efficiency of the service. If something is not up to your expectations, please contact our offices and we will clean the defective items again. We guarantee your satisfaction!

Delays and unforeseen events? It happens to everyone. Our guarantee is information. We will not leave the customer without knowing and waiting. He will be informed of our delay and estimated arrival time within 15 minutes of the estimated start time.

Here, you will find our policy of quality assurance and punctuality regarding cleaning services , which ConnClean is honored to be able to clearly disclose and present.

At the time of our presentation and the preparation of the cleaning budget, free and without obligation, the customer can request specific procedures that he would like to see performed during the provision of the service.

Your preferences will be recorded and communicated to the team when they go to your home. We will always adapt our service to your needs.

Always happy to help!

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