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COVID-19 has reshaped how the public views the facilities where they live, work and play. More than ever before, the sanitation of a building’s common high touch point areas has a great impact on health and safety of every occupant, owner, tenant, employee & visitor, it is critical for building management professionals to understand the proactive steps they must take to prevent the spread of illnesses in their facilities.

This change in perspective has led to a greater need for transparency into how buildings are cleaned and disinfected. Cleaning for health is now the new standard of cleaning in every facility across the globe and be the most important element of proper housekeeping.

Promote a healthy and productive work environment by partnering with Connclean’s janitorial services designed by CDC, OSHA and EPA guidelines to ensure your building  is adhering to best-practice recommendations on sanitation and disinfection procedures,  build community trust and give employees and visitors a sense of safety returning to your facilities.




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We work in offices with discretion and thoroughness taking into account your schedules and work pace.

Medical Facilities

Professional hygienic and sanitary cleaning services can help manage your infection control plan. If your medical cleaning company goes everywhere with dirty water, the risk

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