CoronaVirus : Prevent Now!

You have probably heard of the current virus, the coronavirus. In December of last year, the virus became more common in central China and caused many people to contract the virus. This virus also exists in America, but there are many different types that are harmless to us. The clinical picture of the coronavirus resembles that of a cold. Sufferers often suffer from cough, fever, chills and headaches and in some cases pneumonia can also occur. Like any disease, it can be fatal in the worst-case scenario, but mortality from real flu is still much higher than from this virus.

The question now is how this virus is transmitted. As with any disease, it can be transmitted from person to person, but experts are still unsure how exactly the virus is transmitted. In order to prevent this virus from coming to America at all, both China and America have to meet certain requirements. Affected persons must be treated and isolated immediately. Even if there is a suspicion, pilots must head for the aircraft at one of the five designated airports. There, those affected can be treated immediately so that the virus is not carried into the country. In addition to these precautions, each individual can also take preventive protection against this virus. Mouthguards and disinfectant spray are important helpers!

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