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Cleaning Expertise, FOR all industries

We at ConnClean know that our reliable, competent cleaning contributes to your business success. Therefore we employ specialists for all branches and types of our industrial cleaning and adapt our complete service to your individual needs.

Cleaning methods and agents we use for your machines, systems and production rooms varies from branch to branch and from production process to production process. Our expertise in dealing with a wide variety of production processes, material properties and types of dirt ensures you thorough, value-preserving results. Offering you the latest processes and the latest equipment is both a requirement and an obligation for us.

We regularly invest in training our employees as well as in our equipment. Our professional cleaning and care is worth four times for you: You can provide a clean, representative work environment, you take the greatest possible care for the safety of your employees.


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Office Building

COVID-19 has reshaped how the public views the facilities where they live, work and play. More than ever before, the sanitation of a building’s


Shopping has become a different experience than it once was. Consumers can now shop online for virtually anything they want from the comfort of


We work in offices with discretion and thoroughness taking into account your schedules and work pace.

Medical Facilities

Professional hygienic and sanitary cleaning services can help manage your infection control plan. If your medical cleaning company goes everywhere with dirty water, the risk

Fitness Facilities

To retain your members and provide them with the best possible service, the maintenance and cleaning of your gym must be flawless. With a


The cleaning of the school is important because these are home daily in young children. The principals of these schools, beyond the educational responsibility,


Our expertise in industrial cleaning to maintain the quality and continuity of your process. Maintaining your production environment in optimal conditions of hygiene and

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