The modern cleaning service – just simple cleaning is a thing of the past

Maintenance cleaning and basic cleaning

A cleaning service mostly includes maintenance cleaning and basic cleaning . Maintenance cleaning includes all cleaning work that is carried out regularly, e.g. daily, weekly or monthly. It is cleaning work that is part of everyday life. Basic cleaning, on the other hand, includes work that only has to be carried out at longer intervals, such as cleaning windows including window and door frames, cleaning switches and sockets, cleaning carpets, cleaning skirting boards or even very thoroughly cleaning the kitchen and bathroom including cupboards, drawers and Co. If a cleaning company offers a comprehensive cleaning service, maintenance cleaning is a mustand basic cleaning as a rule as a fixed offer. These two types of cleaning are available both privately and commercially. What exactly is cleaned here and at what intervals is an individual matter for negotiation between the company and the customer.

Cleaning service – everything around the house and garden

A professional cleaning service can usually do more than just clean. There is usually more work to be done in and around each house. Repairs, exchanges, gardening, winter maintenance or maintenance work. If you cannot or do not want to work here yourself, you can also rely on a cleaning company for this work. Because with many of these companies, the cleaning service offer also includes such work. The focus here is more on the word service. A cleaning service often takes care of various repairs, exchanges bulbs, mows the lawn, clears snow, cares for the plants and takes care of maintenance. More and more cleaning companies are bustling on the market. Here it is important to deal with the cleaning service, especially with the service, to stand out clearly from the others. So it happens that more and more companies offer further activities and take over various jobs in and around a house.

Trained personnel for special cases

Cleaning service, which can also mean certain, non-everyday cleaning work, is carried out by the professional. One example is the cleaning of construction sites. For example, if a house is being built, it may be necessary in the meantime to roughly clean the construction site. Or else, the construction site must be cleaned thoroughly before the first furniture arrives. Another example can be the removal of graffiti. This is a real problem, especially in cities. Illegal spraying is occurring more often, facades, glass surfaces and walls are contaminated. If you don’t know your way around, it can be difficult to remove this dirt. However, a professional cleaning service is often familiar with such stubborn problems and can help effectively. Who has a winter garden they often lack the means to properly clean it. With various ladders and ropes, the professional can also help and stand by. There are many special cases that a cleaning service can solve. The experts go to work here skillfully and with the necessary know-how.

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