Cleanliness In Your Gym


If not properly cleaned, the gym can easily be one of the grimiest places we come into contact with on a regular basis. People spend an average of a few nights a week working out at their favorite facility, and often we forget to consider the amount of people who do not wipe the machines down after using them, leaving behind a trail of sweat and germs.

Action News released research from FitRated covering the topic. It was determined that treadmills can carry 74 times the amount of bacteria than a sink in a public restroom, and free standing weights have 362 times the bacteria than a toilet seat.

Aside from this, Cintas performed an earlier study and found that a dirty gym can be discouraging for people to visit and can ultimately hurt business. This study found that 88% of adult gym-goers would not exercise in a place they felt had cleanliness issues. Participants were asked what would prevent them from regularly visiting a gym, and the main factors were unpleasant odors (72% said this was their top issue), dirty equipment (71% agreed on this) and grimy restrooms and locker rooms (71% also chose this).

While these results can be intimidating, there are multiple proactive steps to take to maintain gym sanitation.

To begin, wipes and sanitary sprays should be abundant throughout gym spaces. They should always be fully stocked and easy to spot, so they are the first thing visitors see as they enter the gym. Aside from this, typical gym cleaning procedures should include every inch of the gym – meaning not only the floors and walls, but vents, surfaces, mats and everything that comes into contact with guests.

On top of routine cleaning services, Conn Clean can offer regular deep cleans for your gym to prevent the long term build up of dirt and grime. If interested in talking to one of our professionals to see how we can best help you, give us a call at (203)-278-5400.


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